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KNookMediaBlocks™ Broadcast Schedule!

Thursday:   ‘Oldies Block’™    -   7p.m. - 10.pm. (PST)

Let us take you back!  A time when music was music, … and also an experience!  To hear your ‘favorite’ Artist, perform one of your ‘favorite’ Songs, brought a special and warm feeling in your heart. Spanning more than half a century, join with KNook Media’s ‘Oldies Block’™, and enjoy the Music and Media of Our Lives!

Friday:        ‘Gospel Block’™   -   7p.m. - 10.pm. (PST)

Welcome to the KNookMedia ‘Gospel Block’™!  It is our hope that the Scriptures, Music, Media, Features and Fellowship presented, will serve to comfort and relax your spirit from the stresses of the past workweek, daily home ‘life’, and the trying relationships of recent weekdays. To the extent we are successful, you’ll find yourself rejoicing in The Spirit, at the Foot of The Throne!
Saturday:    ‘Jazz Block’™      -    7p.m. - 10.pm. (PST)
Relax, and check out the ‘vibes and sounds’ of KNook Media’s ‘Jazz Block’™!  Classic, Contemporary, and ‘Smooth’ offerings, that are sure to put ‘pep’ in your ‘step’, and get your creative ‘juices’ flowing!  Or, it may put you in a ‘contemplative’ mood, refreshed, reinvigorated and rarin’ to go again! ... <more>

  Listen, and share your opinions with others all over the Earth.The World waits to hear from YOU!
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